Joerg  is 1,78 m tall , has darkblond hair and bluegrey eyes.
Joergs hobbies are music,internet and sports. He is tolerant and helpful . He likes synthpop,popmusic of the
80's and chart music with good melodies.


Floating Point is a project from Germany who stands for electronic popmusic with melodic chant.
Main thing is absolute good melodies of each single song.  
Warm synthpads and sounds, that shows his love to the 80's,
unites itself with beats of the modern time.   
In the autumn 1998, Joerg Grundnig founded FLOATING POINT .  
This was the result from until then 5 years of all-nightly subtlety at the synthesizers.  
He created his own website, advertised it a lot through newsgroups and e-mail and offered samples
to download.
Soon he had a group of loyal followers world-wide.
He became acquainted with the band Obsc(y)re from Saxony.
On the 27th December 1998 was the first entrance as Opener for Obsc(y)re with throughout
positive feedback of the audience.
1999 Joerg released a first Promo-CD-R " Love and pain" with outstandingly good evaluations
and surprisingly good resonances through the Internet and on concerts until now.  
Until now there was only a publication of the music over the website  (with the exception of the contributions for CD-Compilations)
Also the current songs get extremely positive resonances world-wide.
At present the new album " Finally "   finally  is finished  which was necessary on the basis of a longer pause again.  
Joerg's goal is to get signed by a good record company, so that we can please even more people with our songs