--------- Photos of Joerg and his musical envelopment
So sah ich 1988 aus,als ich zur Armee mute.

In 1989 my interest in music was awakened by a friend in the army. I had a synthesizer "Korg Polysix" in the barracks. I was discharged in octobre 1989.That was just before the Berlin wall fell. A time of great upheaval in Europe. In 1990, I bought a cheap keyboard in a department store. It was designed for children that wanted to learn how to play but it was good enough for me. 1991 I purchased a new portable Yamaha-keyboard. My first music synthesizer was a Yahama SY55 (autumn 1992). With this synthesiser, I produced my first "real" music. In 1994 I upgraded to a Yamaha SY 77,which I still use as my leading instrument.I like it very much, because it enables me to c reate my own sounds with some oscillators.Now, with the music organised, I desired to sing my own vocals, so a microphone update was needed.I bought a Multi-effect Korg A5 and a Vestax MR 300 4 Track tape recorder. In May 1996 I set up my home studio, including a computer running recordingsoftware (tripleDAT V 2.03),a microphone (AKG C3000) and Alesis Midiverb4 for the multieffects and a DAT recorder Sony DTC-690. In January 1998 I added a Yamaha SY85."