At the time we build again our homestudio. after the big computercrash
we lost alot of ideas but now we have a new PC and we make
regular backups.

You will hear from us soon !


We hope, you will have a Happy New Year !
Joerg finished this night the new song. This new song "In my dreams" is very easy, but melodic
and the mean thing is again the LOVE .>>> Download here <<< and here is the lyric >>> Songtext <<<

Our new song "IN MY DREAMS" was just finished in its instrumental setting.
It will be a melodic dance-track (130 bpm) which is about love.
Verse 1 and the chorus is completed.
The song will be ready to download until the weekend.
The next songs we offer only as samples because we want to offer a new CD soon.
We announce the download-address to you in time.


After a long long time once again a life-sign of us.
First we invested into new sounds and Joerg programs also itself.
Unfortunately we don't have enough money for new synthesizers
but we try to get out the best from the existing equipment
Hope we'll come quickly to new results.

Unfortunately we had to stop our works at the Remix-Album.
David of Synthphony Records is waiting since eternities for
the signed contract of Black Flame Records.
Now he want to find another Label for us,
for which we can do 10 Remixes.
We will inform you as soon as possible !


We started to work at the Remix-Album for the American Label Synthphony-Records .
First we remix from the German band PHRAZE
the very nice song " The Cycle of Time "
We will remix songs from the following 10 bands below,
that contracted with the Label Black Flames Records
The album will be limited of 1500 pieces.We will produce remixes of following bands:

Final Selection
Common Dream


After long time here's a life-sign from us again.
From next Saturday, 24th July we'll be away for 2 weeks
for vacation.
In august could it be that we can make a 10-Track Remix-Album
of different bands/artists  for the American Synthpop-Label
Synthphony Records. ( http://www.synthphonyrecords.com )
All details we'll give you in August.


It starts with new music again.
Jörg is unemployed at the moment and concentrates on the music.
We hope, we can present you new Tracks soon.


You didn't hear from us a long time,
because Joerg was very busy the last year.
He had to work 500 kilometers from home
from Monday to Friday. But he's looking very hard
for a new job this time because he needs more
time for music. We will hope the best for the year 2004.
Things can only get better.
Bye for now and we'll inform you about new songs
or other news 'bout our music-project.


Because of a gastritis Joerg couldn't make music the last 3 weeks.
Now he have to make strong diet and he have prohibition.
But this week he will make music again.


Last friday Anke sang the vocals for the song "Born to die"
But because we were away the last weekend Joerg can begin only
today to arrange the vocals. We will make available the song in
full length as soon as possible


The new song "DON'T LOOK BACK" is finished.
You can listen to it HERE


The song "Land of dreams" was overworked.
You can listen to it   H E R E    !

Today Joerg made the first vocal-recordings of the new song " Take me back"
You can listen to it  H E R E   !!!


So that your doesn't think we crouches every day in the pub
Here is a small inter-status.
A new song is in work.
We estimate that it could be ready in approximately 10 days.
Marco wants to try to bring in his voice in the background.


You can download our new song "Secret land"  !!! HERE !!!
From today we spend our vacation in Italy for 2 weeks.
Bye, Marco and Joerg !


At the time we are working on our new song. Besides finally you
can buy the Maxi-CD of Wave In Head "With you".
We contributed a Dancemix of the unreleased track "Winter" to this CD.
You can buy it HERE !


Finally we finished our Remix of the unreleased song "Winter" of the band
Wave In Head . We tried to merge nice harmonies with dancefloor qualities.
How it sounds like you can hear it on the new single "With you"
to be released on: 05/28/02 at A Different Drum


Floating Point will make a remix for the next single of Wave In Head
Furthermore, we are working on new songs again.
Jörg put his whole first Love- and Dancesongs, and one Synthpop-
Instrumental "Sunbeach" into the Songarchive


Now you can download our first Floating Point Winamp-Skin HERE !
Besides our brandnew song "She lives in you" shot after only 2 days on the top of the
german and global Besonic Synthpop-Charts and 3 Songs are  following on the next places.


Who wants to download the song can click the link below:

our new song "She lives in you"

Besides we put many original songs into our !!! song-archive !!!


From the soundpage-category "new songs and productions"
you can download or listen to  the brandnew song "She lives in you"
wich was created by Joerg because of a real fate of a nice
internet-acquaintance of him. Her mother died last July of cancer.
Besides there is another interview online but it's only in german.
Joerg will translate it as soon as possible for that you can read it too.


From the soundpage-category "new songs and productions"
you can download a brandnew version of the track "Tell me"
wich we already performed on our last livegig in the
discotheque PLANET-X in Apolda (Germany)on 16th Nov.
Besides we will have a record on the german local-TV-Channel "Zentrum-TV"
We hope, that we can present you this record later here
on our website.


We experimented again a little bit in our studio and created
a new song. On the soundpage unter "New songs and productions"
you can test it. We are waiting for your opinions.


With horror we saw the dreadful pictures of New York and
Washington at the TV yesterday.
You should know, that we all here sympathize with all the
american people and especially with the many casualties
and her relations. We all are very shocked and disconcerted.
Today everywhere here in Germany the people made a
5 minute's silence. I hope they soon will find these terrible
murders and that they will get her right sentence.
Bye for now, Joerg & Marco.


After Joerg let shine the italian sun on his belly and
other parts of his body for 2 weeks,and Marco found a
new job finally, we continue our work relaxed and motivated.
This weekend there will be a photosession , for that you can
see new photos of us on the website finally.
For all who wants to have our brandnew song "Your Destination"
already now, there is an URL, where you can download it for
only 0,5 EURO.


Besides there are 2 free mp3-downloads  of songs from our
archives on the soundpage.


On our soundpage you can listen to our newest song "Your Destination"
as an Real-Audio-Streamfile.

Floating Point is a Duo again. The new keyboarder is Marco Lippach.
Both are good friends since any years. We hope we can show you
soon as possible some photos of him. On our soundpage you can
download an older Remix of the song "Land of dreams"


Because of band-internal and personal reasons Joerg parted company with Christian.
At the time he prepares a brandnew musical start with the project.
That's why the studio was expanded with new synths and sounds for
new and better creations of the next songs. A new keyboarder for the
next live-gigs is allready there. In the future you will be informed again,
when we created new songs. And it will be possible to hear some extracts
of these songs on our homepage. From time to time it will be also possible,
to get a full-length mp3-download from Joerg's archive on the website.
Therefor, take a look at our website from time to time, or make your entry
in our mailinglist and yoiu will be informed automaticly.


Because of personal  reasons Claudia leaved the band last weekend.


The last weeks we worked on 3 contributions for several Synthpop-Compilations.
The exactly names of this compilations we tell you, when the CDs are out.
The websitedesign is renewed and we'll make new photos this weekend.


Since today our new homepagedesign is online. This time we create new songs.
We plan to send some tracks to several labels and record-companies next time.

29th october 2000

Finally the new Modern-Entertainment -Sampler Vol. 4 is available on our website. You can see the tracklisting HERE and if you want, you can order this compilation HERE !

7th August 2000

Recently we renewed the layout of our website Now we're producing new songs.